Day 1 G & H Recap

Our final day of flights saw our two largest flights of the entire event. Day 1G (65 Entrants) and Day 1H (83 entrants) combined to bring our final entry total to 350 on the nose. 12 bags from 1G and the 17 from 1H will join those remaining from our previous flights for a 61 player Day 2.

Day 1G:

First Last Chips
Tony Tran 312,500
Kimberly Mercer 287,500
Aaron M Gage 204,000
Peter Mirande 179,500
Chris Farmer 149,500
Herb Jern 111,500
Fred Robert 87,000
Jay Johnson 85,500
Jenni Keatts 61,000
William R Garrison 60,500
Juan Sanchez 53,000
Daryl Black 33,000


Day 1H:

First Last Chips
Yahcob Swinton 233,000
Shawn Williams 219,500
Han Swaggy Cheng 217,500
David Stevens 215,500
David Kilcoyne 175,000
Ed Py 139,000
Scott Hunter 135,000
Prakshoti Pawar 103,500
Christopher Aguilar 101,500
Han HHH Harris 88,000
Kevin Brophy 82,500
Kevin Mooney 79,500
Michael Manno 69,500
Francesco Leiva 57,000
Kevin Walsh 56,000
Justin Saxman 55,000
Anthony Jermacans 49,000

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