Day 1 E & F Recap

On the third Day of Big Rush qualifying our total field and players remaining have made a sizable increase. Day 1 E (34 players) and Day 1 F (54 players) combined to bring the field to 202 entries. Their combined 15 bags brings the Day 2 restart total to 32.  With one day, and two flights, left of qualifying the prize pool is nearly $50,000 away from the guarantee! Your last two chances to join those 32 players for a share of $100,000 are today at 11AM and 7PM.

Here are the Day 1 E results:

First Last Chips
Brett Saal 260,000
Joseph M. Blais 168,500
Mickey Ma 162,000
Joseph M. Kalitz 125,500
Chris Kearns 78,500
Brandon Viscio 50,500


Here are the Day 1 F results:

First Last Chips
Thomas Wolsky 236,500
Carl Page 176,900
Timothy Torres 163,300
Daniel Ralston 159,400
Brian Dougherty 152,900
Andre Williams 147,000
Trevor Graffa 134,800
Brett Gordon 100,300
Edmond Petrella 78,900

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