Combined Standings Flights A-F

After 6 flights and with just two to go the field has been narrowed down to 32 entries out of our total 202. Join our 32 Day 2 players by advancing through Day 1G (11AM) or Day 1H (7PM) today. Don’t miss out on your share of $100,000!

Here’s where things stand going into today’s final two flights:

First Last Chips
Josh Sulzman 518,500
Aditya Sharma 379,500
Brett Saal 260,000
Terry Heinz 250,000
Thomas Wolsky 236,500
Sean McCabe 228,500
Matthew Clancy 188,000
Xing Cheng 184,500
Christopher Larrea 179,000
Carl Page 176,900
Pail Solowey 171,500
Joseph M. Blais 168,500
Timothy Torres 163,300
Mickey Ma 162,000
Daniel Ralston 159,400
Brian Dougherty 152,900
Andre Williams 147,000
Ludwig Orkowski 137,000
Trevor Graffa 134,800
Joseph M. Kalitz 125,500
Barry Sable 105,500
Brett Gordon 100,300
A Rod 97,500
Mathijs Storms 95,500
Joe Fortuna 86,000
Peter Mimmo 81,000
Edmond Petrella 78,900
Chris Kearns 78,500
Anthony Vetro 65,000
Brandon Viscio 50,500
Shamsud-Din Muhammad 29,500
 M 15,000

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