BIG RUSH Recaps of Day 1 C & D

With $100,000 on the line the BIG Rush continues with Flights C & D. Thursdays’ flights combined to add 49 more players to the field. This brings our half-way total entries to 114. Thursday’s flights combined to add seven more players into Sunday’s Day 2, meaning 17 players remain to take down their share of the $100,000 guaranteed prize pool.

Good news is that you have four flights left to punch your ticket to the BIG Rush finale. Sign up Friday at 11 a.m. or 7 p.m. or Saturday at the same times.

Here are the Day 1 C Results:

First Last Chips
Terry Heinz 250,000
Matthew Clancy 188,000
Pail Solowey 171,500
A Rod 97,500
M 15,000

Here are the Day 1 D Results:

First Last Chips
Aditya Sharma 379,500
Mathijs Storms 95,500

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