SugarRush Challenge Day 1F

Our largest Day 1 Flight yet! Friday night brought 104 players–when the dust settled, only 25 made it through. One more day and two more flights to go until Day 2!

First Name Last Name Chip Count
Zachary Mamrol 293,500
Anthony Gaerlan 250,500
Christopher Larrea 184,500
Anthony Shurilla 183,000
Scott Blumstein 175,000
Tien Huynh 152,500
Nelson Chen 152,500
Venkat Nagarajan 115,000
Kevin Bentz 108,000
Rich Pelberg 107,000
Michael Ta 99,500
Bryan Bindert 95,000
Robert Sichelstiel 92,500
Norman Rogers 79,500
Chris Cash 77,500
Sean Fagan 71,500
Bruno Fiorenza 61,000
Phillip Phan 57,000
Adam Williams 52,000
James Bambrick 49,500
Chris Salvatico 45,500
Donald Delanay 35,500
You Hu 25,000
Genevieve Barreras 12,000
Westley Soper 5,500

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