SugarRush Challenge Day 1B

The previous Day 1B entry record was set in March at 73. This time around Day 1B saw 84 entrants with 19 players bagging chips to advance to our final day this Sunday at noon.

Jason Goldberg 230,500
Samuel Black 192,000
Louis Del Brocco 183,500
Josh Dempsey 162,000
Marc Wagner 136,500
Eric Lawton 136,000
Ricardo Franco 129,000
Jon Sarkisian 121,000
Jonathan Duong 115,000
Zachary Epstein 98,000
Steve Iwanyshyn 94,500
Zhaiming Shen 90,000
Marty Long 90,000
Mario Bocelli 70,000
Kyle Torriero 68,000
Michael Dansky 63,500
Michelle Macatee 53,000
John Robinson 50,500
Marc Rago 20,500

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