PPC Main Event (Day 2): Peter Miranda Back Into The Chip Lead

Level 28 (50,000/100,000/15,000)
Total Entrants: 511

Players Remaining: 5
Average Stack: 3,655,000


Peter Miranda has been giddy for the whole PPC Main Event final table and is back in charge as the chip leader. 

Peter Miranda and Michael Hager have been the two chip leaders for most of the final table and it is now Miranda’s turn to be out back in front. With new blinds in place, Miranda took down a sizable multi-way pot to move over 5,000,000 for the first time in the PPC Main Event.

Paul Tong opened the cutoff to 250,000 and Michael Hager called on the button. Miranda called in the small blind as did Joe Palma in the big blind, and all four players checked the K♠Q♠5♠ flop. The blinds checked the K turn and Tong bet 500,000. Only Miranda called and the 5♣ came on the river.

The two players checked and Miranda showed K2 to take the pot and the chip lead. Hager is right next to Miranda with 4,750,000 while Tong is now the short stack with 1,150,000.


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