PPC Main Event (Day 2): Four-Handed Chip Counts

Level 28 (50,000/100,000/15,000)
Total Entrants: 511

Players Remaining: 4
Average Stack: 4,570,000

The ascent of Joe Palma and Peter Miranda during this level has built a new dynamic at the final table. The two players hold approximately 57 percent of the chips in play and are the favorites at this stage of the event to make it to heads up play. Michael Hager and Abe Faroni are lingering beneath the two players and are a double up away from being back in contention. The players are relatively deep-stacked and it may be a few more levels before this event wraps up. A look at the updated counts and remaining payouts is below.

  1. Michael Hager – 3,425,000
  2. Peter Miranda – 5,200,000
  3. Joe Palma – 5,450,000
  4. Abe Faroni – 1,860,000
  1. $58,666
  2. $36,271
  3. $26,497
  4. $19,463

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