PPC Main Event (Day 2): Eisner And Tong Chop Up Byars In 15th Place ($3,591)

Level 24 (20,000/40,000/5,000)
Total Entrants: 511

Players Remaining: 14
Average Stack: 1,305,000


15th Place – Sean Byars ($3,591)

As expected, it didn’t take long for the action to pick up in Level 24 as Sean Byars was eliminated in the first orbit of play. Amnon Eisner opened the action to 85,000 from under the gun and Tong flatted in the cutoff. Sean Byars jammed for 360,000 in the big blind and Eisner called to put Byars at risk.

Tong then re-jammed for 1,185,000 and Eisner was put to the test for most of his chips. After a minute of thought, he called to put both players at risk with 1010. Tong flipped over 10♣10♠ and Byars was as live as he could hope to be with A♠Q.

The K♣54♠96 board wasn’t what Byars was looking for and he exited in 15th place. Eisner and Tong chopped up Byars’s stack and boosted their own. Eisner is now playing 2,000,000 and Tong is up to 1,250,000.


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