PPC Main Event (Day 2): 7th Place – Amnon Eisner ($8,718)

Level 26 (30,000/60,000/10,000)
Total Entrants: 511

Players Remaining: 6
Average Stack: 3,045,000


7th Place – Amnon Eisner ($8,718)

There probably aren’t too many players who can say they had more fun in their main event run than Amnon Eisner but that run is now at an end thanks to Peter Miranda. Eisner became short at the final table thanks to a few medium-sized losses to Michael Hager and was under 1,000,000 before long.

Miranda opened for 220,000 from early position and Joe Palma three-bet to 580,000 in the cutoff. Eisner moved all-in for 640,000 and both Miranda and Palma called. The two players checked down the entire 9♣7♣4♣QK♣ board before Miranda showed A♠Q♣ for a flush. Eisner turned over a lesser flush 10♣10 and Palma flashed AK to ship the pot over to Miranda.

Miranda is right behind Michael Hager with 3,825,000 and Palma is under 1,000,000 for the first time since before dinner break.


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