PPC Main Event (Day 2): Trip Down The Leaderboard

Level 15 (2,500/5,000/500)
Total Entrants: 504

Players Remaining: 78
Average Stack: 225,000


It’s officially a ‘Highlander’ on Table 26 as Olivier Busquet and Kevin Mooney are the only two players over 500,000 and have the pleasure of sitting directly next to each other. 

The race to the money has been a sprint so far on Day 2 of the PPC Main Event with players falling by the wayside and stacks growing high as a result. The 500,000 mark has been eclipsed by two players, who just so happen to be seated next to each other.

Thanks to the random draw of tables breaking, Olivier Busquet and Kevin Mooney have the pleasure of having over 1,000,000 chips seated between the two of them. That table is set to break in the near future and it will be interesting to see if the two players decide whether or not to engage in any major pots.

Level 15 is near an end and once Level 16 starts, the registration period will close. With so many players having Todd in front of them, we are set for a breathtaking race to the finish line. A look at the current chip leaders is below.

Kevin Mooney – 580,000
Olivier Busquet – 520,000
Steven Sarmiento – 400,000
Ryan Delaney – 375,000
Jeff Esterling – 350,000
Greg Himmelbrand – 340,000
Josias Santos – 335,000
Jacaranda Henkel – 330,000
Eric Doerr – 315,000
Tarek Shakarchi – 310,000
Julian Calin – 300,000


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