PPC Main Event (Day 1G): Vlad Bossonov Out In Front

Level 6 (300/600/100)
Total Entrants: 426
Day 1G Entrants: 161


Vlad Bossonov is the current chip leader of Day 1G and is playing over five times the 30,000 starting stack. 

We didn’t have to search too far for the chip leader at this stage of Day 1G as Vlad Bossonov is seated directly in front of the media table and has climbed up to 160,000. At this stage of the event, Bossonov is in control of the leaderboard but despite his current lead, the later stages of tonight will likely decide who the leader is out of this flight.

A quick search across the great world of the internet finds Bossonov without much recorded previous tournament experience to speak of, but that has obviously not hindered him thus far. As play heads down the homestretch, it will be interesting to see if Bossonov can continue to chip up at the rate he has thus far. A look at the current leaderboard is below.

Vlad Bossonov – 160,000
Michael Manno – 145,000
Steve Molitor – 125,000
David Inselberg – 115,000
Matthew Gross – 100,000


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