PPC Main Event (Day 1G): Trouble In Paradise

Level 9 (600/1,200/200)
Total Entrants: 457

Day 1G Entrants: 192

Having a 150 big blind stack is usually good enough to be able to be chip leader of a respective table but in the case of Michael Hager and Peter Miranda, luck of the seat draw has the two big stacks seated right next to each other.


Being near the top of the chip counts is nothing new for Michael Hager, who has put plenty of “Todd Heap” sized stacks in the bag at the end of many a Day 1. Hager started to play tournaments on a fairly consistent basis last year and took advantage of the chips he accumulated on a few occasions on the way to $25,000 in earnings. Hager cashed in the 2016 SugarHouse Main Event and is a favorite to make another trip to the payout cage with his stack. 


The saying is that chips usually move to the left and Peter Miranda is hoping that comes true as he is on the direct left of Hager. The Bronx native managed to attain two cashes at the Borgata in 2015 and has a good chance to make his first cash at SugarHouse given his current stack of 190,000. 


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