PPC Main Event (Day 1G): PNIA Cash Game Live Stream Off And Running

Level 5 (250/500/75)
Total Entrants: 405
Day 1G Entrants: 140


The stage is literally set inside SugarHouse Casino for today’s PNIA $25/$50 cash game.

The action in yesterday’s PNIA Cash Game was breathtaking as Doug Polk set a record for highest profit in PNIA history. Polk turned $25,000 into over $90,000 in just eight hours and is in the booth with Olivier Busquet to provide commentary on today’s action. Among the participants in today’s game are Phil Hellmuth, Grudge Match participant Mike Dentale, and Grudge Commentator Shaun Deeb.

The live stream of today’s game is currently running on Twitch for all those looking to tune in for some high stakes action. Anyone in the local area is invited to come and watch the game live inside SugarHouse at the stage setup right next to the action. A look at the lineup is below.

Ari Buchalter
Shaun Deeb
Mike Dentale
Phil Hellmuth
Alan Richardson
Jeremy Kaufman
Tommy Bates


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