PPC Main Event (Day 1G): More Big Stacks Emerging

Level 11 (1,000/2,000/300)
Total Entrants: 466

Day 1G Entrants: 201

Less than 60 players from the over 200 entered on Day 1G remain near the end of the night and as the field continues to reduce, chips from fallen stacks are ending up in the piles of players near the top of leaderboard.


Jacaranda Henkel is a little bit over 200,000 as she nears her first cash on American soil. The British player may have heaps, but she also has Sean Byars and Craig Rubinstein at her table, both of whom are playing close to her total. 


Tom Gleason doesn’t miss too many big guarantee events in this area and kept that trend going by firing a Day 1G bullet. Around this time last year, Gleason was in the process of making a deep run in this same event. Gleason ended up finishing second for a $32,000 score and is in the process of joining fellow final tablist, Jeremy Brown, in tomorrow’s Day 2. 


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