PPC Main Event (Day 1G): Another Trip Down The Leaderboard

Level 8 (500/1,000/100)
Total Entrants: 456

Day 1G Entrants: 191


Mike Lagnese is part of the group of players lurking behind chip leader Sean Byars and is only one sizable pot away from moving into first place. 

The Day 1G leaderboard has featured plenty of shakeup in the first eight levels and that trend is sure to continue through the end of Level 12. Sean Byars’s recent big hand puts him on top as the only player currently over 200,000 but more than just his mark, the field is looking to eclipse the 329,000 bagged by Luke Collina on Day 1A.

Given that today is the final Day 1 flight, we may not see as many players looking to run up a stack, knowing they can re-enter another day and that might lead to an interesting dynamic through the end of the night. Below is a look at the updated leaderboard.

Sean Byars – 200,000
Peter Miranda – 175,000
Michael Hager – 165,000
Mike Lagnese – 160,000
Vlad Bossonov – 150,000
David Inselberg – 145,000
Matthew Gross – 145,000


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