PPC Main Event (Day 1F): Moving From Virtual To Reality

Level 4 (200/400/50)
Total Entrants: 247
Total Day 1F Entrants: 35

The online streets are ruthless and Sunday never fails to be competitive. Day 2 of the PPC Main Event will take place on a Sunday but a few players have their mind set on making the most out of the live grind this weekend.


Adam Hendrix managed to outlast a field of 1,600 players last Sunday to take down a nice score of just under $30,000. While we won’t go into details about what site Hendrix was playing on, but he live-streamed his run on Twitch and will likely do so again for future sweats as he takes his seat on Day 1F. 


James Lillis is a familiar face around the East Casino and is well known on New Jersey’s many regulated websites as “Bagels.” Lillis’s play is far from plain and carries more of an everything flavor, as his $343,000 in live earnings can attest to. There aren’t players in the field who can boast the amount of hand volume that Lillis does and he will look to use that experience to take down his first SugarHouse title. 


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