Chip Standings

28 players will bring their Day 1 stacks into the final day of our $200,000 guaranteed Main Event.  The current chip average is just over 138K. Can’t make it to a Day 1 flight? As with our popular 100K SugarRush Challenges, Day 2 registration will be open for the first three levels of play. Day 2 registration will cost $2,100 for a 120K stack. Poker Hall of Famer Phil Hellmuth will enter Day 2 – do you have what it takes to “beat the brat”?

Here how his opponents this Sunday rank so far:

First Last Chips
Luke Collina 329,000
Tarek Shakarchi 306,500
Mike Norman 221,500
Brian Dougherty 220,500
Greg Fishberg 220,000
Kevin Mooney 218,500
Stephen Thorton 201,500
Michael Doherty 191,500
Joseph W. Kent 186,500
David Stevens 182,500
Kevin McGee 159,000
Paul Erdmann 149,500
Prateek Chandra 141,500
David Britchkow 112,500
Ross Maxwell 109,500
Rocco Faroni 102,500
Chad Smith 97,500
Chris Behney 87,500
Sean Kurland 81,500
Ed Py 71,500
Michael Marder 67,000
Matthew Zambanini 65,000
Jerry Brown 64,500
Micahel Kenna 62,000
Stephen Rozawski 61,000
Tony Tonzelli 60,000
Nancy Martin 54,500
Jeff Spence 47,000

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