PPC (Seniors Event): Mark Napier Takes Out Two, Over 300,000

Level 14 (1,200/2,400/400)
Total Entrants: 19
Players Remaining: 4
Average Stack: 118,800


Mark Napier holds most of the chips in play as the field hits dinner as a result of two eliminations. 

Mark Napier is running away with the Seniors Event and is currently in possession of over 60 percent of the chips in play. Napier knocked out Brian Anderson’s short stack and followed that up by sending Robert Van Syckle to the rail.

The action was missed on Anderson’s bust out but Napier was able to use pocket aces to his advantage to eliminate Van Syckle. Rafael Camejo opened for 7,500 on the button and Van Syckle jammed for 41,500 out of the small blind. Napier re-jammed from the big blind and after a minute in the tank, Camejo folded rather than put his last 80,000 at risk.

Van Syckle turned over J♣J♠ and was dominated by the A♠A of Napier. The A♣ hit the flop to put Napier firmly in control and the A turn put salt in the wound. Napier is now up to 310,000 as the field heads out on dinner break. Play will resume at approximately 7:10 pm.


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