PPC (Seniors Event): Final Table Draw, Top Two Places Paid

Level 10 (500/1,000/100)
Total Entrants: 19
Players Remaining: 9
Average Stack: 52,700


Mark Napier comes into the Seniors Event final table with the chip lead and is the only player over 100,000. 

Following the elimination of John Malczan in 10th place, the nine remaining players in Event 5 have drawn for seats. Mark Napier continues to chip up and is the only player currently over 100,000. All players are relatively deep-stacked with short stack Robert Van Syckle working a manageable 25 big blinds.

Additionally, the payouts have been released and the top two places are set to be paid with first place receiving $3,000 and second place taking home $2,000. A look at the seat draw and corresponding chip counts for the final table is below.

  1. Rafael Camejo – 68,500
  2. Brian Anderson – 75,000
  3. Gil Sacks – 57,000
  4. Robert Van Syckle – 25,000
  5. Keith Mumford – 35,000
  6. Mark Napier – 105,500
  7. James Lugiano -32,000
  8. Bill Kramer – 61,000
  9. Steve Vacchiano – 35,000

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