PPC (Seniors Event): Camejo Doubles Into The Chip Lead

Level 16 (2,000/4,000/500)
Total Entrants: 19
Players Remaining: 2
Average Stack: 237,500


Rafael Camejo trailed at the start of heads up play but is now the chip leader after getting a double through Mark Napier. 

Mark Napier is playing the role of aggressor so far in the heads up match between him and Rafael Camejo. Napier continues to push the action and was able to chip down Camejo, but Camejo is now the chip leader after finding a big double up through Napier.

Camejo opened for 14,000 and Napier three-bet to 60,000. Undeterred, Camejo moved all-in for 127,000 total and Napier called to put Camejo at risk. Camejo went into the flop with the lead as his 99♠ had the 7♦7 of Napier on the ropes. The J109 flop gave Camejo a set but Napier was still live to hit an eight for a straight. The 6♣ turn changed nothing and the 5♠ river locked up the double for Camejo.

Camejo now holds 254,000 to the 221,000 of Napier with the blinds set to increase shortly.


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