SugarRush (Day 2): 9th Place – Jesse Cohen ($3,322)

Level 26 (30,000/60,000/10,000) 
Total SugarRush Challenge Entries: 735
Players Remaining: 8
Chip Average: 2,615,000


9th Place – Jesse Cohen ($3,322)

The lull in the action at the SugarRush Challenge final table hasn’t been completely silent as a few players became short stacked during Level 26. Chris Behney and Jesse Cohen both were under 15 big blinds for an orbit or so and Cohen is now on the rail after losing a flip to Rocco Faroni, who is once again the dominating chip leader.

Faroni opened for 130,000 from early position and Cohen jammed for 720,000 out of the cutoff. Action folded back to Faroni, who called with J♠J to put Cohen and his A♠Q at risk. The 95♣3 gave Cohen some backdoor equity but was left with six immediate outs after the 6 turn. Needing an ace or queen, Cohen found neither on the 6 river.

Cohen spun up his Day 2 buy-in but exits shy of another five-figure score. Faroni is the first player over 5,000,000 and sits 1,300,000 ahead of Brian Frasca with the blinds set to go up once again.


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