SugarRush (Day 2): 11th & 12th Place – Zach McNees and Andrew Carnevale ($2,669)

Level 25 (25,000/50,000/5,000) 
Total SugarRush Challenge Entries: 735
Players Remaining: 10
Chip Average: 2,095,000


11th Place – Zach McNees ($2,669)

It’s been nearly 12 hours of poker to get to this point but the final table is officially here. Two more short stacks were eliminated as Zach McNees and Andrew Carnevale are on the outside looking in.

Carnevale blinded down to less than four big blinds and shoved for 190,000 from the hijack with K♣6 and action folded to Jesse Cohen in the big blind. Cohen looked at his cards and threw in a call with 7♣5. Cohen was live and took the lead on the J♣J7♠ flop. Carnevale failed to catch up on the last two cards and will earn $2,669 for his run.


12th Place – Andrew Carnevale ($2,669)

On the other table, McNees became short over the course of a few orbits and was soon all-in for his last 12 big blinds. Mike Ta opened for 110,000 from under the gun and McNees jammed for 600,000 out of the big blind. Ta called with 8♣8♠ and was flipping against the A♣K♠ of McNees. An eight came on the flop and McNees headed to the payout cage. The final table draw will be posted shortly.


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