SugarRush Challenge Day 1B

Wednesday night’s 7PM flight roared to a Day 1B record breaking 73 entrant field. 16 players bagged chips last night, advancing to Day 2. After one day and two flights the SugarRush is off to a hot start with 102 total entrants and 22 players remaining. Here are the remaining players from Day 1B:

Eric Suarez 220,500
Paul Schneider 218,000
Keith Mumford 184,500
Roger Dickerman 183,000
Rocco Faroni 123,000
Mike W. 120,000
Andrew Mullen 119,500
Steve Morgan 110,000
William Daloisi 108,500
Chris Behney 86,500
Ken Goodkind 76,500
Mark Napier 71,000
Jesse Cohen 63,000
Romeo Hortaleza 58,500
Benjamin Fansler 48,000
Keith Miletto 33,000

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