SugarRush Challenge Day 1F

Friday night was packed with tournament and cash players here at SugarHouse Poker Room. Our largest flight of the event saw 23 of 87 entrants bag chips at the end of level 12. Overall for this event we have 370 players and 78 Day 2 stacks.

Here are the remaining stacks from Friday night:

First Name Last Name Chip Count
Eric Hayes 205,500
Scott Blumstein 163,000
Frank Dellaria 160,500
Jason Yoder 160,000
Frank Magdzinsh 157,500
Rajagopalan Sankarandrayanam 129,000
Dave Weiss 128,500
Henry Couchara 126,500
Trevor Chesson 113,500
Bartholomew Golik 109,000
John Malczan 107,500
Robert Shangquan 96,500
David Kim 90,500
Michael Marquad 73,000
Evelyn Ankers 67,000
Steven Blixt 65,000
Tho Phan 61,000
Nathan Cheadle 49,000
Phil Phan 45,000
Adam Hendrix 38,500
Jason Hunter 24,500
Steven Meier 13,000
Nelson Chen 7,500

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