SugarRush (Day 2): 1st Place – John Attanasio ($16,697)

Level 27 (40,000/80,000/10,000)
Total SugarRush Challenge Entries: 520
Players Remaining: 1
Chip Average: 14,125,000


SugarRush Challenge Champion – John Attanasio

When it comes to being successful in tournament play, familiarity with a structure is a great key to success. For John Attanasio, that prior experience came in tremendously handy as he once again navigated his way deep in the SugarRush Challenge. Attanasio took fourth as part of a seven-way chop in June and found himself in the winner’s circle this time around.

Attanasio started today with under 100,000 and worked his way up toward a more playable stack during the early levels. As the field started to narrow down, Attanasio only grew stronger with his stack and experience. Even with his aggressive nature, Attanasio remained patient and his time waiting paid off with two double ups at the final table.

The SugarRush Challenge structure is a challenge to all players who encounter it, but Attanasio has proved himself to perhaps be the most adept at making the necessary adjustments to make it to the finish line.

This win today marks the first victory and the first five-figure score of Attanasio’s poker career. Given his year at SugarHouse, there is little doubt we will see him here for events to come.

Thanks again to SugarHouse tournament staff, dealers and players for another exceptionally well-run event. This is Matt Clark, and we’ll be back again soon.


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