SugarRush (Day 2): Geno Raman The Latest To Climb Higher

Level 17 (4,000/8,000/1,000)
Total SugarRush Challenge Entries: 520
Players Remaining: 47
Chip Average: 301,000


Geno Raman sent Robert Russo to the rail and is up to 600,000 as a result with players continuing to fall on Day 2 of the SugarRush. 

Since the money bubble burst, more and more players have started to set themselves apart from the field. With the average stack right below 40 big blinds, there is still plenty of play left in this event but as the blinds start to further escalate, a big stack will help to soften some of the inevitable bumps in the road.

Geno Raman is among those making their move this level as he is up to 600,000 after sending Robert Russo to the rail.

Schuyler Twaddle opened for 18,000 from middle position and Raman three-bet to 42,000 on the button. Russo cold-called in the big blind and Twaddle came along to see a 6♠5♣5 flop. Action checked around to Raman and he bet 55,000. Only Russo called and the Q♠ hit the turn.

Russo checked for a second time and Raman bet 55,000 more. Once again, Russo called and the Q fell on the river. Russo checked again and Raman put Russo all-in for his last 125,000. After a minute, Russo found a call with 1010♠ but Raman managed to hit running trips with A♠Q to scoop the giant pot.


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