SugarRush (Day 2): Action Continues On Table 2

Level 20 (8,000/16,000/2,000)
Total SugarRush Challenge Entries: 520
Players Remaining: 23
Chip Average: 614,000


Kevin Johnson turned a set on Wen Zhang and is pushing toward 1,000,000 with 23 players remaining in the SugarRush Challenge. 

Table 2 has been the primary catalyst for action since the field was narrowed to 27 players. Following Wen Zhang’s double elimination, more large clashes have occurred which have changed the tournament landscape as a result.

The first hand in the recent rush saw Zhang double up Kevin Johnson in the ultimate back-and-forth race. Johnson was all-in for about 400,000 with 9♣9 and would need to fade the AK of Zhang.

The A♣72♠ flop put Zhang ahead but the 9♠ turn would lock up the pot to move him over 950,000. Zhang drops to 920,000 but is still plenty healthy.

A few hands later, Joe Russo eliminated Greg Fishberg to deny him a repeat trip to the SugarRush final table. Russo opened for 35,000 and Fishberg shoved all-in for about 210,000 on Russo’s direct left. Russo called as soon as action folded back to him with A♣A as Fishberg turned over 10♠8♠.

The 75♠2♠ flop opened a few doors for Fishberg but successive blanks on the turn and river would send him to the rail. Russo is now up to 810,000 as he eyes another deep SugarRush run after making the final two tables in June.


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