SugarRush (Day 2): 17th, 16th Place and 15th – Brian Dougherty, John Roach & Wen Zhang

Level 22 (12,000/24,000/4,000)
Total SugarRush Challenge Entries: 520
Players Remaining: 14
Chip Average: 1,009,000



15th Place: Wen Zhang ($1,542)


16th Place: John Roach ($1,296)

The first half of Level 22 but fireworks erupted in the second half with two players getting knocked out effectively simultaneously with another following close behind.


Brian Dougherty and John Roach were both short stacked coming back from dinner and soon found themselves on the rail.

Roach was eliminated on Table 1 in what could have been the biggest pot of the tournament. Jeff Wicker opened to 56,000 and got a call from John Attanasio in the cutoff before Roach moved all-in from the button. Chris Caruso called from the big blind and Wicker re-jammed for almost 1,000,000 more. With about 900,000 behind, Caruso elected to fold, claiming he had pocket queens.

Wicker flipped over JJ which had the 66♠ of Roach in rough shape. A jack hit the turn after a dry flop and Roach headed to the payout desk.

On Table 2, Nate Lindquist moved all-in for 354,000 from early position and after some thought, Dougherty called all-in for about 300,000 Lindquist was ahead with A♠Q versus the AJ of Dougherty. One clean run out later, and Dougherty was on the rail. Both


17th Place: Brian Dougherty ($1,296) 

Dougherty and Roach will earn $1,296 for their respective finishes.


Despite riding high earlier on Day 2, Wen Zhang was cut down in a series of hands culminating with his double up of Kevin Johnson. Johnson was all-in for about 350,000 with AK which had the J10 of Zhang in less than desirable shape. The board was clean for Johnson and Zhang hit the rail the next hand, taking home $1,542


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