Day 1G

83 more entrants in the penultimate Day 1 flight grew the overall event number to 425! The $100,000 guarantee has been met, and the only thing left to determine is if this will be the largest SugarRush Challenge Prize Pool ever. 20 players bagged chips for Day 2 – here are their stacks:

Gregory Fishberg 236,500
Jason W. Sally 227,500
Justin Tran 217,000
Brendan Mahoney 209,500
Pat Dicrecchio 120,000
Robert Sichelstiel 111,000
Rosendo Guerrero 107,500
Pete Farina 99,000
Linh Dinh 93,000
Ed Py 85,000
Anthony Anastasi 82,500
Sam Anastasio 78,000
Nathaniel Lindquist 76,500
Joseph Pangilinan 65,000
Roberto Ilagan 55,000
Ben Fansler 55,000
Tim Hand 49,500
Bob Caparina 42,500
Raghavend Dronavalli 32,500
Zhaiming Shen 31,500

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