SugarRush (Day 2): Kevin Grabel Surges To Over 2,000,000, Field Down To 18 Players

Level 22 (12,000/24,000/4,000)
Total SugarRush Challenge Entries: 634
Players Remaining: 18
Chip Average: 981,000


Kevin Grabel found an ace to eliminate Jason Yoder and will start two table play as the chip leader with 2,650,000

Kevin Grabel has been near the chip lead for most of Day 2 and is now the official chip leader with only 18 players left in the SugarRush Challenge. Grabel sent Jason Yoder to the rail and Greg Fishberg eliminated Aaron Mermelstein a short while later to narrow the field down.

Grabel opened from the cutoff and got a call from Yoder on the button and Ben Kritzer in the big blind. The flop came out 7♠6♣4♣ and action checked to Yoder, who bet 130,000. Kritzer got out of the way and Grabel check-raised Yoder all-in for his last 450,000. Yoder thought for a few moments and called to put himself at risk. He was ahead with 8♣7 and Grabel would need to hit as he held A♣Q.

The turn was exactly what Grabel was looking for as the A hit the turn. The river was another ace and Yoder headed to the rail.

At and adjacent table, it was Mermelstein’s turn to head out. On a AQ♣7♣8 board, Mermelstein bet 160,000 and Fishberg raised Mermelstein all-in. Mermelstein said he jack-high and thought Fishberg might have 8-7. After a little bit of back and forth, Mermelstein called for his last 400,000 with J10♣ and would need to hit against Fishberg’s 87. The river was a brick and Mermelstein will bow out in 19th place.

With 18 players left, the field will redraw again for seats which will be posted shortly.


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