SugarRush (Day 2): Justin Tran Calls Correctly Against Aaron Mermelstein

Level 20 (8,000/16,000/2,000)
Total SugarRush Challenge Entries: 634
Players Remaining: 31
Chip Average: 569,000


Justin Tran turned trips and took in a big pot against Aaron Mermelstein to move up to nearly 800,000. 

Aaron Mermelstein was the chip leader for the large portion of post-money bubble play but has since hit a few potholes to drop him down a bit. Mermelstein loves to put pressure on his opponents and Justin Tran recently passed a river test to effectively double up.

On a flop of J♠95♣, Tran checked from the big blind to Mermelstein in early position, who bet 30,000. Duy Nguyen called from the hijack as did Tran and the 9 peeled on the turn. All three players checked and the 6♣ hit the river.

Tran and Mermelstein checked to Nguyen, who bet 76,000. Tran called and Mermelstein assembled a raise to up the action to 220,000. Nguyen quickly got out of the way and Tran thought for a moment before committing most of his stack to call Mermelstein’s raise.

Mermelstein showed K♣Q♣ for just king-high and Tran turned over 9♣4♣ for turned trips to take in the pot. Tran is now up to 790,000 while the latest hit to Mermelstein’s stack brings him down to 670,000.


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