SugarRush (Day 2): 18th Place – Greg Maynard ($1,540)

Level 23 (15,000/30,000/45,000)
Total SugarRush Challenge Entries: 634
Players Remaining: 17
Chip Average: 1,040,000

Greg Maynard started two table play near the top of the chip counts but everything went downhill from there and Maynard is the first casualty since the redraw.

After getting hit on the river by Zach Young and Andrew Mullen to double both players up, Maynard was down to his last 150,000 and was all-in in the best scenario he could hope for as he held A♠A against the 5♣5♠ of Roger Dickerman.

The K♣Q♣6♠ flop was good for Maynard but the 4♣ on the turn gave Dickerman a flush draw to go along with the last two fives in the deck. Sure enough, Dickerman hit the 5 on the river to send Maynard out.

Dickerman is now up to 700,000 and is nearing his peak for this event.


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