SugarRush (Day 2): 16th & 17th Place: Lawrence Paden and Abigail Houser ($1,540)

Level 24 (20,000/40,000/45,000)
Total SugarRush Challenge Entries: 634
Players Remaining: 15
Chip Average: 1,175,000


Lawrence Paden (Chester Springs, PA)


Abigail Houser (Sayerville, NJ)

Two short stacks have hit the rail in quick succession as Abigail Houser and Lawrence Paden failed to double their sub-10 big blind stacks.

Houser was the first to hit the rail when she moved all-in from under the gun for 351,000 and found a call from Joe Simmons in the cutoff. Houser would need help as she had A♠10 against Simmons’ AK. The Q♣92♠K7♣ runout was no good for Houser and Simmons is up to 1,150,000 after the bustout.

On the next table over, Paden was sent to the rail by Greg Fishberg. Paden shoved for 190,000 from the small blind after Fishberg opened to 90,000 from the cutoff. Fisheberg called the raise and was live with 6♣4♣ against the A♠7 of Paden. The 108♣5 flop gave Fishberg a straight draw and the A♣ turn gave me a flush draw as well. The 9♣ filled his flush and Paden was eliminated. Fishberg is now sitting on close to 2,100,000.


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