Day 2 Of The SugarRush Ready To Start

Level 13 (1,500/3,000/500)
Total SugarRush Challenge Entries: 610
Players Remaining: 141
Chip Average: 106,000

Eight starting flights and four days later, Day 2 of the SugarRush is about ready to start. 141 players have moved on to today’s Day 2 and more will be sure to join them due to the unique format of this tournament. At the top of the leaderboard is Kevin Grabel, one of the more decorated players in the Philadelphia area. Grabel will start Day 2 with 376,000, almost 100,000 more than second place Raghavendra Dronavalli (286,500). Other familiar faces near the top of the leaderboard include Greg Fishberg (220,000), Tom Gleason (214,000) and Eric Rivkin (175,500).

Players are eligible to buy-in or re-enter through the end of Level 15 for $1,100 and receive a 100,000 starting stack as opposed to all who bought in on Day 1 and started their tournament with 25,000 in chips.

All levels today will be 45 minutes in length until a winner is crowned. Once all registration figures are tallied once the cage closes, the list of payout figures will be posted. There will be a 60-minute dinner break at the end of Level 21. Play is ready to get started and the SugarHouse blog will be here throughout the day bringing you all of the action until the next SugarRush Challenge champion is crowned.


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