Day 1G

With time running out to bag chips in a Day 1 flight, the penultimate heat set a new high on the week for entries. 121 entrants played the 12PM flight today. 35 were left standing at the end of the 12th level. The guarantee is now met with 472 entrants across the first 7 flights. 108 players will join those reaming from tonight’s final flight at 12PM for Day 2.

Here are the Day 1G advancing stacks:

Guo Chen 194,500
Echo Lafferty 155,000
Mike Neilio 144,000
Joseph Grant 144,000
Abraham Faroni 143,500
Joe Simmous 135,000
Casie Donaldson 134,500
German 126,500
Gary Martin 125,000
Mordehay Kalimi 117,000
Richard Healslip 111,500
Tom Tudrej 106,500
James Waphawski 101,500
Tuong Le 100,000
Jeffrey Tanner 92,500
Alexander Bereshny 84,500
Liang Lee 81,000
Darul Boatwright 78,000
Benjamin Rickery 72,000
Anibal Santiago 61,000
Lloyd Napier 60,000
Stacey Powers 59,500
Sam Husarr 59,500
Charles Urrutia 58,500
Marc Niedler 54,500
Brian Powers 49,000
Tyler Bekanich 49,000
Viral Mehta 48,500
Steven Repoley 45,500
Alexander Petrucelli 43,000
Adam Williams 43,000
Joshua Rothborg 41,500
Jim Jamison 41,000
Sean Rice 35,500
Stephen Gepp 24,500

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