ReDraw by Last Name

BIG Rush II flights have all come and gone. We are down to a final 81 players from a starting 492. Those 81 will meet at 11AM to play down to a winner. 54 places will be paid in this event, and $26,450 sits up top for first place. Good luck to all of our … Continue reading ReDraw by Last Name

Day 1 G&H

The final day of flights kicked off just 89 players away from the guarantee. Saturday morning's Day 1G had more than double any other morning flight with 77 players. 77 dropped all the way down to 11 when it was all said and done. Day 1G  Carlos  Crocker          299,000  Alexander  Petrucelli          273,500  Alex … Continue reading Day 1 G&H

BIG Rush Day 1 E&F

We are nearing the finish line with just two flights left in BIg Rush II! Friday's Day 1E added 31 entries to our total, and 6 players advancing to Day 2. Day 1E:  Chris  Capone          204,500  Christopher  Bonn          183,000  Alex  Schwint          193,500  Lawrence  Diehl            82,500  Jason  Satriano            80,000  Andrew  Kessler … Continue reading BIG Rush Day 1 E&F

Combined Standings Day 1 A-D

At the half way marker we have 196 entries and 30 players returning for Day 2. Remember seating will be limited Friday and Saturday for this event. Please arrive and register early! Here's where they stand:  Xingcheng  Zhao           417,000  Paul  Lim           293,000  John  Reynolds           263,500  Norman  Rogers           258,500  Matthew  Borowsky           … Continue reading Combined Standings Day 1 A-D